Event space transforms sports-day nightmares into an indoor/outdoor party.

Even before groundbreaking took place, it was clear that Allegiant Stadium would have woefully inadequate parking provisions. Why construction plans were approved under these circumstances is anyone's guess. As officials claim to be caught off guard by a situation that they created themselves, surrounding businesses have capitalized by charging for parking in their own lots. Now StarBase Performance and Event Center has upped the ante with a distinctly exciting twist.

ComRADery is an indoor/outdoor tailgating party for Las Vegas Raiders fans. It's hosted by StarBase Las Vegas at 3905 W. Diablo Drive, a short stroll from Allegiant Stadium. For those who've already tired of paying exorbitant prices at casino garages, then trudging across the bridge by the thousands, ComRADery provides an excellent alternative. 

According to StarBase, ComRADery is "an unparalleled indoor/outdoor football tailgating and watch party experience featuring food & beverage, live music, entertainment and games, all while being a five-minute walk from Allegiant Stadium. Games will be shown on big screen projections and multiple TVs throughout the venue. Select events will also feature surprise meet & greets with NFL alumni."

“We're excited to unveil what tailgating should be when you're in Las Vegas,” said Tricia Costello, co-founder of StarBase and daughter of NFL player/coach Vince Costello. “I’ve grown up around football and experienced how the power of tailgating can bring fans together. The spirit of friendship and football is going to fill our parking lot and building for every home game whether we're hosting traveling sports fan clubs or local Raiders fans."

Here's a look at some of the upcoming ComRADery dates:

Monday, Sept. 13 Las Vegas Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens presented by Fan Fest Vegas

  • Starts at 2 p.m. 
  • GA tickets are $25 online; $35 at the door 

Sunday, Sept. 26 Las Vegas Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins presented by Fan Fest Vegas 

  • Starts at 10 a.m.
  • GA tickets are $25 online; $35 at the door 

Sunday, Oct. 10 Las Vegas Raiders vs. Chicago Bears presented by Fan Fest Vegas 

  • Starts at 10:30 a.m. 
  • GA tickets are $25 online; $35 at the door 

Sunday, Nov. 14 Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs 

  • Starts at 10:30 a.m.
  • Will also feature a BBQ battle with Kansas City pitmasters vs Las Vegas pitmasters and a live broadcast with Kansas City Sports Radio 810 WHB.
  • GA tickets start at $20 online. $75 GA also includes unlimited BBQ. VIP tickets start at $150, which includes food and an air-conditioned VIP area with a private open bar.  

Tickets include admission to tailgate and after-party and can be purchased at starbaselv.com. Events are all ages.


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