Step away from The Strip and relax at this affordable spa

Are you looking to escape the hectic activity of The Strip? Try a massage at the Star Foot Spa. This is the ultimate relaxation spot. They offer several types of beauty treatments, including cosmetic remedies, but it's the massages that are out of this world. 

Your appointment will last for about 60 mins. You can choose a full-body massage or a foot massage. Let's say you opt for a foot rub. You'll be placed on a comfortable chair, and your foot will be treated like royalty. First, there is a warm towel placed around the leg, followed by an oily massage. There are several variations of the foot massage; the therapist may use a bamboo stick or just their hands. In addition, hot stones will be placed around the soles- the sensation is exhilarating. At the end of the massage, you'll feel rejuvenated and fresh. 

Star Foot Spa offers 60-minute full-body and foot massages for $40 if you're a member and $50 if you're not a member, and it's worth every penny. You can even ask for the therapist of your choice if you find someone you really like. The foot spa is enormous, with over 50 treatment chairs. They do offer special rates for groups. 

Start Foot Spa is located on Spring Road, not too far from the Las Vegas Strip.


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