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Las Vegas Strip Clubs: Spearmint Rhino

Where beautiful girls run amok

You know Las Vegas has tons of strip clubs. But do you know which one is the hottest in town? Well, it might be Spearmint Rhino. The place is packed with absolutely gorgeous women who will offer you skin-to-skin lap dances- of course, you have to pay for it. Spearmint Rhino is a classy club all round; the atmosphere is electric, the staff are friendly, the food is great (yes, strip clubs serve food), and you can even get a massage.

In addition to the main center stage, there are two smaller gogo stages in another room. All the dance areas have a stocked bar, and if you are willing to spend, you can enjoy the company of a gorgeous female or two.

For those seeking more privacy, there is VIP seating, private booths, and cabanas available. You can have your own stripper for an hour or the whole night. 

Now to some real facts: there is no question that Spearmint Rhino is a great strip club with stunning girls, but it all comes with a price. The place is not cheap, and to have fun for a few hours, you will need to spend at least $500. The girls are gorgeous but will push you to buy more alcohol and lap dances. 

The place is often crowded during the weekends or when there is a special event.  But the place is huge, and there are enough seats for everyone.  If you run out of money, then you can always watch sports on the huge TV monitors.

If you have never been to a strip club in Vegas and have the money, then Spearmint Rhino is the place to visit. Mind you, this is not the place where you will pick up any girls to take to your hotel room; the ladies who work here are strictly business, and the more money you have, the more time they will spend with you.  The place is open 24/7.

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