Let's talk about one of the most popular ziplines in Las Vegas

Who doesn't love a good zipline? They're all amazing- and Slotzilla in Downtown Las Vegas is no exception. 

Slotzilla might be worth it for the views alone. You're strapped to a wire under the famous Fremont Street Experience. Look up and you might see the dazzle of a light show. Look down and you'll see a gaggle of tourists and performers.

There are two types of rides- the superhero on your belly (upper level) or the lower level in the seated position. The superhero ride flies higher but it's also $10 more expensive. This exhilarating ride in the air over Fremont Street costs $39 plus administrative fees ($2-$4) for the lower level and then there are additional fees for photos (anywhere from $10-$40). So, all told, you can easily spend more than $60 for the lower level and about $80 for the upper-level ride if you spring for the complete package.

There are 4 ziplines on both the upper and lower levels-this allows families to fly at the same time. The ride starts 77 feet in the air in the seated position or 120 feet for the upper level and goes 20 - 30 mph. Your adventure will last about 30 seconds. 

At the moment, it's easier if you prebook your ticket online. 

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