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SKY VILLAS Pt 3 – The Verona Suite

The concluding chapter of our Vegas Unfiltered Classics photo essay with guest photographer Greg C.

In the world of casino hosts, the most coveted type of client is the whale . These super-high-rollers are enticed into visiting and remaining loyal by being showered with lavish treatment and perks. Usage of limousines and private jets, shopping excursions, star-studded parties and of course, lodging in the hotel s most palatial Sky Villas. All are intended to keep that high-roller on the property long enough to bet (and ideally, to gamble away) large sums of money. An additional goal is for these whales to return in the future for more high-stakes wagering.

Sky Villas are rarely seen by the general public. Seldom are photographers allowed access to the degree that Greg C was at Westgate Las Vegas. His tour of the Verona Suite concludes a trilogy of photo sessions (take a look at the previous two here and here). With any luck, we ll be able to turn this collection into an ongoing series, one that gives our readers unparalleled access to those dreamy suites that adorn the clouds over Sin City. But for now, enjoy the Verona Sky Villa, courtesy of the staff and management at Westgate Las Vegas.

My first impression was like stepping into a palace of Old World splendor a blend of Italian Renaissance and Roman Glory. They say that you come to Vegas to party and see the sights the room is just to sleep and shower (and, you know). Well, not so here. The Verona Suite itself is an adventure. You could make a vacation out of it . Greg C

The city of Verona in northern Italy is known for its art, architecture, and spirit of romance. After all, William Shakespeare placed his titular characters in Verona for Romeo and Juliet. Once a colony of Rome, Verona is rich with statues, arches, domed ceilings, pillars, and artistic motifs. True to its namesake, the Verona Suite at Westgate is ornate and overflowing with gorgeous detail and accents.

The Verona was the first of the three to be built (completed December 1994) and is the largest at 15,400 square feet. If you were a fan of the Robin Leach series  Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous  you might recognize the three-bedroom Verona, which was once featured on that popular show.

Filmmakers used the Verona Suite as a stand-in for Liberace s residence in the 2013 biopic Behind The Candelabra.

The piano is a nice touch. If you re a piano player, you have another reason to stay home in your suite. Talk about a nice ambiance to practice . – Greg C

Those statues! The one staring back at you with imperious Roman hauteur .the demure young beauty protecting her modesty in the garden.” – Greg C

Yep another awesome bedroom suite within a suite . And, of course, TV in bed just what a vacationing Roman senator would require in the 21st century.” – Greg C

Relax by the fireplace AND soak in the tub at the same time.” – Greg C

New hotels in Las Vegas have become somewhat clinical, almost office-like complexes. Their suites are tech-heavy and massive, yet could easily be found in any other city. It s nice to know that glossy, lavish places like Westgate Sky Villas still exist and are treated with reverence. They re living reminders of a time that represented the true spirit of Sin City.

You can learn more about the availability of Westgate Sky Villas and Specialty Suites by calling 888-796-3564. For standard guestrooms and suites, head to the Westgate website.

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