Single Guy’s Guide to Las Vegas 2022

Much fun awaits all the single guys visiting Sin City

Las Vegas is one of the best destinations for single guys who want a great time. Much fun awaits when you are on holiday or visiting for a bachelor’s party. Here are some tips to have a good time:


The best rooms to book are those in a hotel with a minimum of a three-star rating. If you can afford four stars or higher, you get a swankier room. 

An average room on the Strip will typically cost about $150 to $250 a night. When you look up options online, there might be cheaper alternatives further out in the city, but you probably won’t have as much fun staying there. You’re in Vegas; you want to be in the thick of things. Wandering into a drunken bachelorette crew is part of the charm. 


You can earn comps from gambling, giving you perks such as free drinks, show tickets and sometimes a free room. However, you need to gamble thousands of dollars before accumulating enough comps to get you a free room. Don’t gamble just to earn comps, but if you’re going to bet anyway, comps are an additional incentive that may earn you a room in the hotel. 


There are tons of clubs to visit in the city, from budget-friendly choices to the more high-end clubs. Cheaper clubs are easier to get into, and you don’t need to drop five-figures. 

If you do have lots of cash to spend, you will party in style and meet more attractive women and men. Some clubs, like Drais and Marquee, attract a good crowd and operate late into the night. If you’re a guest at one of the big hotels, sometimes they have VIP tickets that help you access high-end clubs without a hustle. 

If team up with a group of girls, you can get into the club much faster. If you can’t,  a generous tip to the doorman works even better. 


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Good news if you’re looking for a hookup. Meet people at bars and lounges inside Strip casinos. Confidence and managing your expectations will go a long way. 

You can also visit a strip club if you want guaranteed sexy interaction. 

When to Travel

The best time to be in the city is between March and June. The weather is favorable, the casinos are hopping, and you can have more fun. If you want to save money, you can visit between Thanksgiving and Christmas when the rates are slightly more affordable. Off-season in Vegas is still a party. 

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