Should You Rent a Car in Vegas?

Not recommended

There is a lot to see in Vegas, and fortunately, the majority of attractions, casinos, clubs, and entertainment centers are not located far from the Strip. The majority of visitors never venture away from the Strip and nearby Downtown Vegas because there is so much to see and do. 

So. Should you rent a car while in Vegas?

First, car rentals are not cheap. The cheapest rental car will cost an average of $30 a day and by the time the other charges are added, you will probably spend a few hundred dollars on the rental just for a few days. 

Vegas has excellent public transport as well as taxis and rideshares. In addition, many hotels away from Downtown and the Strip offer FREE shuttle services not only to the airport but also to many entertainment centers and casinos.

You can also get around just fine by walking. Most things that you want to see are within 10-15 mins of the Strip. 

However, if you plan to go out of the city to visit the Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, or Red Rock Canyon, then a car rental will save you time and money. Many car rental companies operate out of the hotels and allow you to rent a car for the day for sightseeing, which is a lot cheaper than renting it from the airport for a few days.

If you are only going to need transport for a short time or one event, then Uber/Lyft is your best choice. The average cost of a ride in Uber/Lyft is less than $25 if you need to go around the Strip and adjacent neighborhoods.

Bottom line: A car rental is not worth the expense unless you’re planning on sightseeing outside of Vegas. 

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