Some New Ice Cream Flavors in Vegas

Conventional ice cream flavors like chocolate, rocky road and vanilla are great but have you tried Paradise City's Creamery's new flavors? I mean their XXXPense It, World's Oldest Professional, and Birthday Sex are to die for! Talk of impressive adult selections.

The joint is owned by Valerie Stunning, a former professional exotic dancer. However, a thirst to make vegan ice cream drove her to establish a high-flying company instead. Some of her signature flavors include the incredible XXXpense It. This flavor is comprised of a hand-painted golden chia seed cone alongside scoops of vegan chili vanilla ice cream topped with mango coulis and sprinkled with Tajin or dried chili pepper. If you are not up for chili flavors, the long-stem Bing cherries dipped in Belgian vegan chocolate and graced with edible glitter is the ideal selection.

Paradise City holds several events across the city, giving you priceless opportunities to try out their menu. Check out their Casino Centre Drive pop-up; you can get something worthwhile for as low as $10. At their Laundry Room pop-up inside Fremont Street's Commonwealth, you get the chance to taste their amazing Mint Money Magic or Trophy Wife milk.

Stunning relocated to Vegas back in 2013 with intentions to settle down after two and a half years of wandering across the globe dancing in strip clubs and burlesque shows. She aimed at proceeding with her trade in Sin City, but she realized the local burlesque was nothing like she had ever experienced before. She found work in local entertainment joints, including Freemont Street's Girls of Glitter Gulch, but she needed to engage her more creative side.

While working at burlesques presented her the opportunity to engage her fashion design, costume making, and acts building skills, an urge to lead a more healthy life inspired her to research healthy ice cream options. Consequently, she proceeded to try out non-dairy cream recipes, and with a variety of cookbooks and guidance from her chef friend from the East Coast, she has managed to pull off impressive selections.

Of course, to completely master the art, she had to try her creams on her friends for more than a year. She further engaged the experience of pastry chef and cake designer Brittany Harris, a renowned veteran at the Tropicana and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. A combination of her costumer brain and Brittany's pastry skills, they pulled off amazing masterpieces.

Some of her flavors are designed to tell her stories like the Day Shift Diva and Trophy Wife, drawing inspiration from her life as a dancer. Her early proceeds from the craft were dedicated to causes that help sex industry workers.

The company was launched in 2019, and alongside her partner Yolanda Castaneda, Stunning held several events to popularize her art. They participated at the Unstripped culinary festival and Confessional at Jammyland. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the events were halted, but Paradise found solace at their Laundry Room Takeovers at Commonwealth. 




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