Chirs Ihle’s art gallery at Circa is full of amazing life-like Lego creations.

This is something you’ll want to put on your must-see list. Chris Ihle is an artist who creates life-sized brick sculptures using Legos. He transforms the colorful building blocks into intricate masterpieces.

His gallery is on the casino floor at Circa in Downtown Las Vegas. The gallery displays sculptures of celebrities, athletes, animals, and other funky objects. Some of his works of art include local icons like VGK goalie Marc Andre Fleury, VGK Captain Mark Stone, and Circa’s Owner and CEO, Derek Stevens. He’s also built the legendary Kobe Bryant, small hand grenades, and Super Mario mushrooms. 

These whimsical creations are intricate and unlike typical works of art. They look like 3D pixelated images but crystal clear and not fuzzy in quality. It’s kind of mind-bending. 

After browsing the gallery, you can even order your own custom brick sculpture! He can make your dog, favorite animal, you, or just about anything you’re thinking of. Prices vary depending on the size, but they all cost thousands of dollars. If you can’t afford to buy one, it’s always free to look.

Downtown’s newest hotel and casino is home to many exciting attractions. Next time you’re near Fremont Street, head to Circa to check out Ihle’s one-of-a-kind art gallery. You never who or what you’ll see a replica of. You might even see Ihle and his team hard at work. 

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