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Sax Man JUSTIN YOUNG Celebrates the Season

Gifted musician commemorates first year in Vegas by launching a holiday tour…
Sax Man JUSTIN YOUNG Celebrates the Season

“Justin is more than a saxophonist. He is an entertainer!” – Clint Holmes.

It’s not often that a young musician gets high praise from someone as prolific, accomplished, and respected as singer/songwriter Clint Holmes. Yet Holmes seems to have taken a special interest in “saxxy” jazz man Justin Young. Relatively new to our city, the handsome artist has quickly become a core member of its entertainment community.

Born in Warren, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit), Young grew up in a highly musical family. His father’s band rehearsed inside his home, and Justin was soon inspired to follow in dad’s footsteps. Starting with drums and later the saxophone, he immersed himself in the Detroit music scene until he and his band developed a following. After leaving Michigan, the forty-year-old resided in Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, and Seattle before relocating to SIn City last October. Yet wherever he goes, Justin’s fans are sure to follow.

Sax Man JUSTIN YOUNG Celebrates the Season

“Rehearsals at #JustntimeRecordingStudios to kickoff the Justin Young Holiday Classics Tour in Las Vegas on Nov 27th 7:30pm at the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center! The band is ? Joey Melotti, David Ostrem, Michael Angelo Vattima, Elisa Fiorillo, and Nate Wingfield. Special guests will be announced soon!” – Justin Young

So far, Young has released six studio albums with a seventh on the horizon. He’s also collaborated with artists like Earth, WInd, and Fire and The Temptations when not touring throughout the country with his own band. Since arriving in Las Vegas, the hard-working husband and father has been seen at The Nevada Room, performed for the long-running COMPOSER’S SHOWCASE OF LAS VEGAS at Notoriety Live, and brought down the house at Smith Center for the Performing Arts. If that wasn’t enough, he also hosts The Thursday Night Show on YouTube.

Justin’s music is a favorite around the Christmas season, due in large part to his 2009 album Home for the Holidays and its 2019 follow-up My Favorite Christmas (both available to order here). On November 27th he’ll be launching his Holiday Classics Tour at Summerlin Performing Arts Center.

Sax Man JUSTIN YOUNG Celebrates the Season

After its Vegas debut, Justin’s Holiday Classics Tour will continue to Kirkland, Washington. As for the Summerlin Performing Arts Center, it will continue its holiday slate with A VERY VEGAS CHRISTMAS on December 3rd and 4th, which we told you about here.

Justin Young Holiday Classics Tour kicks off on November 27th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $30 and available here. The show is nearly sold out. Summerlin Performing Arts Center is located at 1771 Inner Circle Drive, Las Vegas NV 89134.

Sax Man JUSTIN YOUNG Celebrates the Season

Merry Christmas! #HarkTheAngelsSing by Justin Young

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