Who should be the starting goalie for the Las Vegas Golden Knights heading into 2021.

Robin Lehner or Marc Andre Fleury

That's the question that Vegas411.com has tried to answer. Originally, we stated that the goalies should switch out depending on the opponent. 

And now our answer is... exactly the same. Both goalies are over .900 during the playoffs. The two have a combined 41 goals scored on them in last year's playoffs, a sign of how effective this duo was. 

Of course, the Las Vegas Golden Knights ended up losing in the semifinals to the Dallas Stars after a few key goals but think about what could happen during the offseason! While some might think that Lehner and Fleury will choke under pressure as they did during the end of the playoffs, the offseason gives them a chance to strategize a bit more. 

Now coaches will have a better idea of when to relieve each goalie and can even tailor their offense around who is in front of the net. For example, bringing in Lehner could allow the Knights to be more aggressive due to how consistent he is. This means the team could attack the other sides' goal without worrying about a play blowing up in their face. 

Or they could bring in Fleury if they want to get methodical and slow down the play a bit. This allows the team to chew up the clock, gives Lehner time to rest, and grants Fleury a chance to bring his talents into play. Getting this goalie situation right during the offseason could be the difference between going deep in the playoffs and struggling. 

Keep in mind that Robin Lehner was acquired by trade during the midpoint of last season, which didn't give the team much time to figure out how to use him. Imagine what they could do with an offseason to prepare.  If the two goalies repeat what they did last year, the sky should be the limit for this team.