Road Trip from San Diego to Las Vegas: Everything You Need to know

Experience beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, and fun adventures

The drive from San Diego to Las Vegas makes an exciting road trip with much to see. It’s an excellent adventure if you have some time on your hands.

The distance between the two locations is approximately 330 miles, which a good driver can take about five hours to cover on the shortest route. However, the essence of a leisure road trip is to explore, and there are many exciting stops along the way. Palm Springs and the Mojave National Preserve are some of the top places to stop by. To view these places, you would need to use a more scenic alternative route, passing through the Moreno Valley, which takes just under nine hours.

An excellent way to explore both routes is to take the longer one heading to Las Vegas and the shorter one back to San Diego. Another pro tip is to ensure you do not start your journey at peak hours as the traffic delay might add extra hours to your trip.

Route to Follow

The shortest route uses I-15 and is straightforward, except for a small segue into I-215. It is a small stretch covering about fifty miles between Murietta and San Bernadino. Any other detour is by choice if you would like to explore nearby locations such as Los Angeles.
The other route involves driving towards Moreno Valley via State Route 60. You can then stay on I-10, which goes to the interstate beyond the famous Joshua Tree National Park, and then the Mojave National Preserve up ahead. The route passes the reserve and will take you back to I-15, which directly heads to Las Vegas.

Fascinating Stops along the Route

Some of the ideal stops along the way include:

Palm Springs
Palm Springs hotel makes a perfect stopover point for travelers who are okay traveling over a couple of days as they can spend the night here. No one turns down the opportunity to stay in a cozy hotel while on a trip. The resorts here are top-tier. Another good place you can stay is at the Avalon Hotel for a sophisticated experience.

Death Valley
A second location with luxurious resorts is Death Valley. Getting there might not be the smoothest ride, but it is worth the short drive on rough terrain. The Inn at Death Valley, which has modern facilities, state-of-the-art rooms, and recreational activities for guests, is highly recommended for people who want to spend the night at Death Valley.

Lake Mead 

Lake Mead is another worthwhile stop. This huge lake is popular for swimming, fishing, and boating among the locals and tourists.

The Cabazon Dinosaurs, Seven Magic Mountains, and Calico ghost town are other notable places to explore.

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