Interesting experience in Mandalay Bay

Vegas has many exotic restaurants and one of them is Rí Rá Irish Pub inside Mandalay Place. Ri Ra is most well-known for everything Irish including its decor, menu, and even the staff. The restaurant has a huge menu and also includes vegan and vegetarian options. 

The food isn't crazy original, but it is tasty and well-executed, especially the Scottish eggs. Some of the more common dishes that people order include Irish coffee, Irish stew, Irish curry, fish and chips, bangers, meat pies, and bread pudding. You can even order American staples like burgers, chicken wings, and corned beef. 

In the evenings, it is not unusual to have live music playing at the restaurant.

Overall, the place is nice, the service is excellent and the staff is friendly. But the food portions are not that big, so order a couple of dishes to share if you're hungry. And remember, you're on the Strip so you'll have to spend some money. Even the modest-sized fish and chips dish costs nearly $22. Very few menu items are under ten dollars, hence an average lunch for two with drinks will easily cost anywhere from $40-$80. 

If you decide to go, you need to make reservations and wear a mask.