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Why You Should Visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Recharge & Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Vegas!

Recharge your mind body & spirit enjoying the great outdoors in Vegas!  A quick Uber ride away from the infamous Las Vegas Strip you will find Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.    

Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful & picturesque Conservation Area that is family-friendly, pet friendly, and open for year-round enjoyment! Personally, I enjoy the elevated views while casually driving the scenic loop. This is a one-way, 13-mile, self-paced scenic drive through the mountains of Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. While driving the scenic loop, you have the opportunity to park and take in the views up-close, read the trail-specific informational markers, explore the walking/hiking/biking trails, create an amazing photograph or just sit back and take it all in!   

In addition to the 13-mile scenic loop; Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area also has 26 numbered hiking and walking trails, a visitors center & of course mountains galore!  The hiking and walking trails range in difficulty levels from easy trails like the  Moenkopi Loop to the more advanced and strenuous trails such as the Kraft Mountain Loop trail and are enjoyed by all ages!  Maps of the trails, including the varying levels of difficulty of each, can be found on the conservation’s website. Ready? Set? Go! Recharge, hike, walk, take a couple of great selfies, or  have a picnic. You’re sure to enjoy any activity that you decide is right for you while vising Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area!  

*Please refer to the official website for operating hours and information on fees/passes. 

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