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Raunchiest Male Strip Shows in Vegas!

Vegas is called Sin City for a reason, and this reason holds true irrespective of who you are. The city s adult entertainment industry never discriminates, which is why it is home to some of the raunchiest male strip shows in the world! Here are some of the best male strip shows you can hope to find in Las Vegas!

Magic Mike

Magic Mike is a Las Vegas classic. This one, however, is geared more towards the ladies than anything else. One might even suggest that it is, essentially, a live stripping performance, and they wouldn t be wrong. But, with years of success, this light-hearted dramedy on the life of male strippers in Vegas has cemented its position as an absolute must-see, especially for women. Most often, it is included in plans for a bachelorette party and rightly so – it features a number of different male models, strippers and personalities who partake in erotic, funny and raunchy acts, with an action-oriented story that actually pauses to let the audience thank them with dollar bills!

Aussie Heat

If you ve ever heard of Fantasy, which is an *extremely* interactive strip show that features some of the most gorgeous women in the world, you ll know what to expect from Aussie Heat. Essentially, it is the male version of Fantasy and is created with the female audience in mind. Featuring Australian strippers that are more than happy to get up close and personal with the audience, Aussie Heat often innovates in how the strippers make the experience memorable. For instance, one section involves blindfolded members of the audience (voluntarily, of course) having to identify the strippers via touch, hearing, and smell. We ll leave the rest a secret for you to find out.


This list isn t exclusively for the ladies! In fact, gay men also enjoy a variety of options when in Vegas, with Chippendales being at the very top of that list! Chippendales is a strip show with male strippers, but with a catch – It s tailored towards the gay audience and is known for being an interactive and inclusive show that attempts, and in most cases, succeeds, in making gay men comfortable. It isn t over-the-top and extravagant, making it a great experience for straight friends and/or family, as well as any other friends, and is a Vegas classic that shouldn t be missed, regardless of sexual orientation!

Men of Sapphire

This isn t strictly a show per se, but is an addition without which this list wouldn t be complete! Men of Sapphire is a group of strippers that perform a variety of choreographed routines, but are also always happy to improvise in the presence of a bachelorette party! They offer a variety of packages, among which the most popular is a Strip tour of Vegas. What s that, you ask? Well, the Men of Sapphire bring around a limo to accommodate your bachelorette party, and then drive around the must-see spots in Vegas, while also having a mobile party in the limousine. While this is their most popular offering, it is by no means their only one – Check out their website to get a better idea of their services!

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