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Playing Disc Golf in Vegas!

Public Parks with Disc Golf Courses

Las Vegas is home to a lot of professional and recreational sports activities, and one of the most popular is disc golf!

Disc golf was formalized as a sport in the 70s and is played much like traditional golf- the objective of the game is completing each hole in the fewest number of takes. However, unlike traditional golf, where this would be the fewest number of strokes, disc golfers go for the fewest number of throws. Instead of golf balls and clubs, disc golf players use a flying disc similar to a Frisbee.

There are both nine & 18-hole courses, and just like traditional golf courses, disc golf courses are set in absolutely beautiful surroundings. Here are some public parks in Las Vegas that offer disc golf courses:

  • Fox Hill Antelope Ridge Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89138

I checked out the Disc Golf course at Fox Hill, and it s absolutely stunning! Admittedly, I m not that good at the sport, but that s the fun of getting out and going to the local park courses and trying them out. For those that are serious about their skills, there are professional associations such as the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Ok, I have a couple more disc golf courses to check out and hopefully improve my game in the process!

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