Great pizza in Sin City, but not cheap

If you want pizza in Las Vegas, there are many places you can go. However, at a lot of these places, you have to be willing to spend a little cash. So if you have the money and are looking for a decent pizza, head over to Pizza Rock

This modest establishment makes all types of gourmet pizzas- from the New York-style to California. There are also pizzas for vegans and vegetarians. If you want a gourmet pizza then there is the arugula, prosciutto, and the Parmigiano Reggiano.

Once you enter, the restaurant is currently practicing COVID social distancing. The service is fast and the staff is friendly. The place is often packed in the evenings and because of social distancing, wait times can vary from 20-45 minutes. There are many appetizers to choose from if you're hungry.

The two downsides to Pizza Rock are that it can get loud and it's not cheap. Expect to pay a minimum of $20 for a small pizza and dinner for two will average $50.  During happy hours, the prices are slightly reduced but it is usually crowded. The place is open daily from 11 am till about 10 or 11 pm, depending on the day of the week.

The restaurant is located at 

201 North 3rd Street

at Downtown Grand

Las Vegas, NV 89101

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