Loud Sports Bar in Sin City

Las Vegas has dozens of sports bars with luxurious, large-screen TVs. Today, we're talking about the Parkway Tavern. This neighborhood bar offers amazing food, a variety of beers, televised sports, pool tables, patio games, the whole shebang. This is what you picture when you think of an urban sports bar. The key feature that makes the Parkway Tavern stand out is the enormous selection of beer- at last count, there were more than 250 selections.

Parkway Tavern is a great place for family; the environment is casual, and everything is relaxed. Happy hour occurs every day. The tavern serves the typical American foods ranging from burgers, fries, tacos, wings, ribs, etc.- all of which are much cheaper than other sports clubs on the Strip.  In the evening, when the place is congested, the time for the food to arrive can be long and this can be frustrating. Watching live sports in such an environment is not always fun.

Now to the negatives: the place is very loud, and one can barely hold a normal conversation at the table during busy hours. In the evenings and weekends, the place is very crowded, and the service lags. The food selection during happy hour is very limited

Parkway Tavern has multiple locations in Las Vegas.