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‘ORIGINAL CHAOS’ – The Fastest-Rising Rock Band in Vegas History?

There’s a new group in town. Everybody’s talking.
‘ORIGINAL CHAOS’ – The Fastest-Rising Rock Band in Vegas History?

You’re undoubtedly familiar with IMAGINE DRAGONS, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, THE KILLERS, and Panic! At The Disco. Each of those world-famous bands has roots in Las Vegas. Now get ready to add another group to that prestigious list. Their name is ORIGINAL CHAOS, and they really are the next big thing.

VEGAS 411 was in the front row last week when ORIGINAL CHAOS gave a stellar performance of HOTEL CALIFORNIA. Playing the legendary album by THE EAGLES from beginning to end (with a few other hits sprinkled in), the boys had a packed NOTORIETY LIVE audience on their feet with applause.

It’s rather telling that a band barely a year old could create such a dedicated following. But wherever ORIGINAL CHAOS performs, crowds pack in and go wild. A seemingly perfect combination of musical talent, undeniable style, awesome looks, and impressive individual backgrounds, ORIGINAL CHAOS has accomplished in a very short time what often takes years to achieve…if ever.

Dai Richards

‘ORIGINAL CHAOS’ – The Fastest-Rising Rock Band in Vegas History?

The frontman for O.C. is Dai Richards, known to many as a founding member and singer for Tenors of Rock. The powerful vocalist from Wales is their lead and creates the ORIGINAL CHAOS social media and graphics. Richards took time out of his busy calendar to answer a few questions…how the band came together, where it’s headed, and how the Spice Girls fit into their dreams.

“The idea basically was born out of frustration, waiting, and wanting to get back to work. I ve been thinking about doing something different for a while, and with the pandemic and the situation we all found ourselves in, it felt like the right time.”

Is there a special significance to the name?

“No, the name doesn t have any special significance, but my wife helped me come up with it thanks, babe!”

Who are the founding members, and what performers have been added along the way?

“So for our first gigs in November of 2020, we were Chris Cicchino, Tim Sorbs, Colin Cahill, and myself. Then, when Colin went back to work at Atomic Saloon Show, Andrew Diessner came in and that is the lineup you see now. We ve been incredibly lucky to also have some of the best players in town sit in with us, and I m grateful to them all.”

ORIGINAL CHAOS members (L to R) Tim Sorbs, Colin Cahill, Andrew Diessner, Dai Richards, and Chris Cicchino

‘ORIGINAL CHAOS’ – The Fastest-Rising Rock Band in Vegas History?

You’ve had a great response to your HOTEL CALIFORNIA show. Audiences seem to get larger each time. Do you envision this as a possible residency or do you prefer the freedom to perform at various locations?

“They ve been a great experience, “Hotel California” plus “Appetite for Destruction” that we ve played at different venues also. We really enjoy the freedom of different venues, it s fresh and exciting playing all across town. Flip to the other side of the coin. If there was an opportunity to have our Album Series once a month in a venue, that would obviously be something we d consider depending on the situation and environment at that point in time.”

Your history with Tenors of Rock seems to influence the songs you cover in ORIGINAL CHAOS. Do you see the band as an extension of “Tenors” or its own entity?

“Original Chaos is its own entity, absolutely. Tenors of Rock is a wonderful show that has been a huge part of my life. But this is separate from that. Moving forward, I m very proud and excited about where Original Chaos is going.”


‘ORIGINAL CHAOS’ – The Fastest-Rising Rock Band in Vegas History?

In just a little over a year, ORIGINAL CHAOS has already inspired groupies to fly into Vegas for your latest gigs. Did you ever expect that when you began?

“Definitely not!! We re very lucky to have built a loyal fan base in our first year and we re forever grateful for those who travel back to see us. Lots of love for those guys, and they know who they are!”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention bassist Andrew Diessner aka”Guns” and his shirtless antics at Harrah’s Carnaval Court this summer. Is sex appeal significant to the overall impact of a band?

“I mean, it definitely adds to the experience and the tips people give! “

ORIGINAL CHAOS at Carnaval Court Harrah’s

As the lead singer, you openly interact with audience members and joke between numbers. How important is it to maintain that kind of connection with fans?

“We believe that s an important aspect of our band and brand. Ultimately we all enjoy being around each other and it s all genuine. It s just part of what we are.”

You open your emails and learn that you’ve been offered the opportunity to open for the world’s greatest rock band. Who is it?

“Spice Girls.”


At a recent performance, you announced that the band would soon be writing original music. What can fans expect? Will it be a totally new sound or a “chaotic” take on tried and true classics?

“We re very excited to get in the studio, we ve started writing and it s been a scheduling issue mainly why we haven t been able to do it before now. It s going to be original music. It s going to be a really exciting experience to find our sound . We have our ideas of what that should be, and hopefully, that s pleasing to people! “

What’s the craziest or rowdiest thing that’s ever happened during an ORIGINAL CHAOS show?

“Quite a few in the short year we ve been together!! We re lucky to play across so many great stages here in Vegas, and they’re all different. Come along and see for yourself. Thank you to all the people who have supported us this year. You too, Sam. Here s to 2022!”

ORIGINAL CHAOS will be performing throughout Las Vegas in the weeks and months ahead. Follow their official Facebook page for locations, dates, and times.


‘ORIGINAL CHAOS’ – The Fastest-Rising Rock Band in Vegas History?

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