Nitro Circus Is Coming To The LV Ballpark

Nitro Circus will be at the Las Vegas Ballpark on the Fourth of July.

Introducing the Good, Bad & Rad Tour Presented by A SHOC

Nitro Circus: Good, Bad & Rad Tour will be at the Las Vegas Ballpark on the Fourth of July. Witness extreme stunts like motorcycle jumps, cars flying off of ramps, and other crazy feats!

Check out professional and daredevil BMX, Freestyle motocross riders, scooter and skateboarders who attempt some wild tricks. These athletes  do the most insane things that you ll ever see on wheels! Watch as they flip, twist, and jump over fire, off of ramps, and from time to time totally wipe out.

Nitro Circus was created by Travis Pastrana, X Games gold medalist and pro motorsport stunt rider, along with his friends who loved filming themselves doing insane stunts. They started back in 2003 and today are a worldwide phenomenon!

Experience the adrenaline rush for yourself by seeing the whole crew perform live for 2 hours.

Nitro Circus will be stopping at the Las Vegas Ballpark on their Good, Bad & Rad Tour. The show will be on Monday, July 4 at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale now, starting at only $25. Get yours here.

The Las Vegas Ballpark is located at 1650 S Pavilion Center Drive Las Vegas, NV 89135.

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