Nevada Atomic Testing Museum

The National Atomic Testing Museum shows the history of nuclear weapons testing right here in Vegas.

Get ready to experience one of the largest collections of nuclear history in the country. It usually takes one to two hours to explore all that this museum has to offer! 

This probably isn t an industry that you would expect to find in Vegas. At the National Atomic Testing Museum, you ll learn about the Nevada Test Site, its role in the Cold War, as well as nuclear technology through photos, video footage, scientific reports, recorded data, and artifacts. You ll experience about 70 years worth of atomic history here.

This museum isn t just a walk through the halls and look at exhibits kinds of place; it s interactive. You can experience simulated bomb blasts that leave behind a mushroom cloud! You ll also learn how to survive an atomic blast; you know, just in case… 

These exhibits cover radiation, how the first atomic bomb was made, and how nuclear testing was conducted underground. You re bound to learn something that you didn t know before. I m a Vegas local and just discovered Nevada s atomic history this year! This hidden gem is definitely worth exploring. &

The Nevada Atomic Testing Museum is open Thursday through Monday from 10 am to 3 pm. Reservations are currently required and tickets can be purchased online. 

  • General Admission is $22,
  • Kids ages 7 to 14 admission is $16 
  • Kids under 6 enter for free. 
  • Seniors (62+), students, Nevada residents, and military members only pay $18 for admission.

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