Delicious shaved ice cream in Sin City

Las Vegas is rarely cold; for nine months of the year, the city is blazing hot. But to cool things down, Sin City has many places where you can chill out and taste great ice cream. One of the best places to get ice cream is Milky Wave. This tiny, adorable eatery makes some of the best shaved ice cream in the city. 

There are tons of varieties of shaved ice cream, and even more toppings to choose from. Some great flavors include the choco loco, coconut delight, tropical mango, and balboa banana. You can choose from at least two dozen toppings and many types of sauces.

Most shaved ice creams at Milky Wave cost less than $6 for the small size. So if you've had a big lunch or dinner and want to cool down, head over to Milky Wave- you will not be disappointed. Unlike many other restaurants, the wait times are minimal, and service is excellent.

Milky Wave is located at 5020 Spring Mountain Rd., Ste. 3

Las Vegas, NV 89146