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MGM Resorts Slashes Player Reward Points

MGM Resorts’ new loyalty program is a lot stingier

You’re going to have to gamble quite a bit if you want to earn a decent comp from MGM Resorts from now on. 

The behemoth company just updated its casino loyalty program, and it’s bad news for anyone who doesn’t have a stake in the casino. 

Come February, you’ll earn a measly four Tier Credits for every dollar you spend on nongaming luxuries like hotel rooms and spa services. This doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that the current rate is 25 Tier Credits for every dollar spent at MGM properties in Las Vegas and eight Tier Credits at MGM hotels everywhere. 

And that’s not the only change. It looks like slot machine and video poker players will feel the pinch as well. According to MGM’s website, “starting February 1, 2022 earn Tier Credits playing slots, video poker, and video lottery terminals based on length of play, average bet, and game type.” The old rate was 10 tier credits per $3 spent on slot machines and $10 spent on video poker.

MGM is not changing its tier requirements even though it will soon be harder to earn points. Here’s how many points you need for each level: 

  • Sapphire None
  • Pearl 25,000 tier credits
  • Gold 75,000 tier credits
  • Platinum 200,000 tier credits
  • Noir invitation only

Even Platinum members didn’t escape MGM’s loyalty revamp. The  Platinum Experience will be discontinued in February. This program offered Platinum members perks like free show tickets. 

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