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MGM Greed – Mandalay Bay Staff Instructed to Park on Massacre Grounds

Corporation sells employee parking spots to BTS concert-goers to maximize profits.

I apologize in advance for the disturbing photos included in this article. I feel they’re necessary, though, to serve as reminders of the horrors of the worst mass shooting in modern American history. Apparently, MGM Resorts has forgotten the trauma that took place on that night. Sixty innocent people were murdered. Another 411 were wounded by gunfire, and injuries from the resulting chaos brought that number up to 867.

The shooting took place across from Mandalay Bay on October 1st, 2017. Attendees of the Route 91 Harvest Festival gathered on the lot once known as Las Vegas Village, a 15-acre outdoor performance space. Since the massacre, the site has been mostly vacant and unused. But this weekend, the pseudo-memorial has become a tool for profit by MGM Resorts. They’ve instructed staff to forfeit their employee parking spots and use the massacre site instead, allowing the company to sell staff parking to ticketholders for the big BTS concerts at Allegiant Stadium.

I recall flying over the massacre site the day after the event…and that horrifying feeling inside, knowing what had transpired there. Now think about the people who were directly involved. Survivors. The family and loved ones of those who were lost. They consider Las Vegas Village to be a type of memorial.

I’ve been contacted by two individuals, both expressing rage at the decision to involve the massacre site as a way to generate profits. Here’s what one had to say:

“MGM staff at Mandalay Bay and others were told no free staff parking today as MGM wants to sell the lots. Park at the 1 October shooting lot and catch a shuttle. Must get there one hour early to be on time. No overtime pay for this. Numerous staff complaining. The old “boiling frog syndrome”. Where will it stop? If I worked there I would call in sick to make a statement.”

This morning, there was a message from another outraged individual in my in-box:

“I had to send you this message.. to show another disgusting side to the MGM Corporation. My sister is an employee at Mandalay Bay and because BTS is in town the company is making the employees, many who survived that horrible night, park on the Route 91 concert grounds! My sister and her friends (who are also employed at Mandalay Bay) were survivors of that dreadful night also. How insensitive and sick.”

” I just had to tell you, as I think that should be sacred ground. They are also making a pretty penny charging the overflow parking 60 bucks a pop.”

Empty lot (right) where shootings took place.

According to one source, the Mandalay Bay standard spots were entirely filled by 10:30 am yesterday (showtime for the concert was 7:30 pm). Those spots were being charged a flat rate of $35. Nearby Tropicana Hotel instituted event parking at $25. Their lot was historically free but has been gradually changed into a paid arrangement.

Despite all the profiteering from this concert, other shows suffered from the disruption. The same source continues:

“Crazy traffic and police for the BTS concert last night. Two hours to get into MGM Grand parking. Many ticketholders could not get to their shows on time because of extreme traffic conditions. Some shows have been canceled for tonight because of this. BTS makes money at the expense of others.”

In my Vegas Unfiltered article 21 Dumb-Ass Things About Las Vegas, I chose the proximity of Allegiant Stadium to T-Mobile Arena the top spot on my list :

“T-Mobile Arena (capacity 20,000) and Allegiant Stadium (capacity 65,000) were erected on opposite sides of the intersection at Tropicana Avenue and I-15, a pre-existing clusterfuck that already couldn t handle current daily traffic.”

Nevertheless, there’s talk of putting yet another stadium in the same general area…right next to the massacre sight.

Do you think that the Route 91 Festival Grounds should be used for profit generation? Are you sick of corporations pushing common sense and human emotions to the background? Drop me a line at We’ll share some of your thoughts on our Facebook page.


Photo via BTS Official Facebook page

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