Exclusive, Expensive, and topless permitted

For those who have money and want to have fun by the poolside, nothing beats Marquee Dayclub, part of the Cosmopolitan. The Marquee Dayclub pool is most well-known for its young crowd, exclusive service, loud music, top-notch amenities, and topless bathing. The male to female ratio is great.

The Marquee Dayclub pool is open every day from 10 am until 6/7 pm. Topless bathing is permitted from Monday to Thursday. There is a minimum cover price that starts at $20 and goes up depending on the day and the type of activities going on. Hotel guests get a complimentary pass. The people who visit this club love to party, and the atmosphere is filled with fun. The staff is pleasant, and the service is outstanding.

Now to the bad news: first, there is a certain dress code required; if you dress like a bum, you will not be allowed in; the security staff and bouncers, like everywhere else, are unpleasant, so obey the rules. The place is not cheap; food and alcoholic beverages are available, but they are expensive. If you want to rent a luxury cabana, be prepared to fork out anywhere from $1,000-$4,000. Lazy chairs and daybeds also are available for rent, starting at about $250 and go up to $1,500. The cheapest table is $500. If you do not make reservations, then you will have to stand in the pool. If there is a special event happening, all the prices are jacked up.

You need a minimum budget of $1,500 to enjoy the day at the Marquee Club pool if you want food, drinks, and a place to sit, so it is best to come in a large group so the costs can be shared.

If you have the money, this is the place to come. The Marquee Dayclub does deliver but be prepared for large crowds and a lot of noise, but this is the price to pay if you want to see people go wild.