How to Get to the Las Vegas Strip From the Airport

You have options

If you’re flying into Las Vegas,  you can get to The Strip and Downtown Vegas a few different ways. Here’s what they are.


Both Uber and Lyft have served the city well in the past, but at present, there’s a severe driver shortage. This means you might need to wait for a car. Depending on what time you arrive, the wait time may vary from 5-60 minutes. The trip Downtown or to The Strip via these two rideshare companies averages about $12-$15. During peak time, fares can easily triple.


You can also grab a regular taxi, of which there are plenty, but expect to pay 2-3 times what Uber or Lyft charges or about $25 and above.


 Several limousines also offer service, but this 15-minute trip will easily cost you $45 or more. Your hotel might send a limo for free if you’re a high roller. 


You can take a bus to The Strip or Downtown Vegas for $8. You can walk, but it’s not recommended. The traffic is heavy, and Las Vegas is hot and humid.

Car Rental 

 Renting a car while you are in Las Vegas isn’t necessary if you’re going to spend all your time on The Strip. Car rentals are only worth it if you plan to go sightseeing outside the main drag. 

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