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Lots to Love in Adults-Only ‘LADY LIKE’

Burlesque-syle parody of sexism is clever, comedic, and packed with pulse-pounding hits.

UPDATE 6/29/22 – It was announced today that MOSIAC THEATER has shuttered, forcing the closure of their resident productions LADY LIKE, QUEENS OF ROCK, and MJ: The Evolution. The venue was slated to be closed in September of this year, as the entire area has been purchased for redevelopment. Potentially dangerous problems in electrical wiring escalated that timeline in favor of costly repairs.  



Remember those vintage TV shows like LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and FATHER KNOWS BEST? Patient wives spent all day cooking and cleaning in dresses and pearls, offering sage advice to the kids while deferring to their husbands for “the important decisions”.  Back then, young women were commonly sent to “charm school”, where lessons on becoming a proper lady were more like obedience class. The headmistress taught poise, elegance, homemaking, and how to serve a suitable dinner to the “Master of the House”.

Vintage print advertisements from that era are shockingly sexist when viewed through contemporary eyes. Commercials and instructional videos, even more so. Now imagine a production in which that outmoded culture is paired with dance numbers of an erotic variety, skewering misogynistic sensibilities through erotic female empowerment. The result would be LADY LIKE, a retro-burlesque song and dance extravaganza that recently debuted at Mosaic Theater on the Strip.

If we’ve learned anything in the past three years, it’s that rebellion is essential to the evolution of our culture. The cast of LADY LIKE takes those old-fashioned lessons and transforms them into a sexually-charged showcase. No “wholesome” setting is spared, from libraries and neighborhood markets to the local soda fountain and an all-girls sleepover.

Head Mistress Maren Wade (with Hannah Brady subbing on Wednesdays) lays down the “law” to her rebellious students but veers off in the same direction when nobody’s looking. Walking sticks, a tire swing, grocery carts, and even an enormous teacup are used as school supplies in this very unique academy.  It seems like everyone has a secret talent that’s just dying to be freed…along with a large percentage of very pink lingerie.

Actress/media personality Maren Wade (Cocktail Cabaret, Confessions of a Showgirl, KTNV’s Morning Blend) leads a cast that is uniformly excellent. An extremely skilled team of dancers includes Tara McClintic, Jacquelyne Hutchins, Mariah Ware, Taylor Jayne,  Blayke Harris, Monica Hernandez, and Nadia Albulet (PIANO MAN). The acrobatic duo of Xiau-Ling Wee and perpetually-shirtless Maxim Sedochenkoff adds an extra amount of sizzle for girls and gays.

Head Mistress Maren Wade (center) may have a secret in “LADY LIKE”.

LADY LIKE was created and directed by the team of Jaimee Gallego and Summer Soltis. Both spoke to Vegas 411 before and after a recent performance of the new production. They told me that LADY LIKE has been brewing for a number of years, and finally reached the creation phase during the pandemic. Soltis spent the better part of a year selecting vintage videos, which bring a great deal of humor and irony to interludes.

Outstanding dance sequences by JKay Choreography are set to a booming list of hits from Little Mix, Destiny’s Child, Lizzo, Rachele Royale, and The Clovers. A special nod should be given to the playful, color-drenched costumes, which strike just the right balance between 50’s conservatism and contemporary heat. A few sequences of toplessness will titillate but are performed in a tasteful fashion reminiscent of the classic showgirl esthetic.

Sin City is experiencing a new wave of burlesque-themed shows, set to a variety of different themes. While there are plenty to choose from, none is quite as innovative or entertaining as LADY LIKE. Suitable for couples, bachelor parties, and even a ladies’ night out, this is one sexy revue that truly earns the title of “different”. And that’s a great thing.

‘Lady Like’ A Retro Burlesque Show

LADY LIKE is set to run through August 31st, The show performs Sunday and Monday at 10 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 pm. Tickets start at $40 (plus taxes. and fees) and are available here. Historic Mosaic Theater is located at 3765 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite G, next to the famous Red Palm Mediterranean.

Also check out BURLESQ at Alexis Park Resort, our choice for “Most Improved Show of 2021”. Tickets start at $49.5 plus taxes/fees and can be ordered here. Audience members must be 21 or older for both shows. 

Photos – Vegas 411, Jamiee Gallego,  Jason Harper Photography, Video Clip  courtesy of KTNV Morning Blend

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