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Let’s Talk About Barry’s Downtown Prime at Circa Las Vegas

Barry’s is not your everyday steakhouse.

Circa is one of the best places to be in Downtown Las Vegas offering fantastic entertainment all around. The resort caters to anyone whether they prefer fine dining, luxe accommodation, swimming, or the casino experience. Barry’s Downtown Prime at the resort is the icing on the cake for people who enjoy their steak and would like to have it in a beautiful space.

Lovely Ambiance

Barry’s is not your everyday steakhouse, as what you get from the restaurant is way more than the steak experience. It has a vintage feel to it starting with parquet floors and one-of-a-kind circular booths great for group seating. The decor is modern with ample lighting, which compliments the retro look and adds life to the space making it more Vegas-like.

The restaurant sits on an ample space and, during normal dining, it accommodates a seating of 350 at once. Space does not feel too big, and irrespective of the number of people dining, it does not feel crowded as the booths are well-planned. The setting makes a superb venue for events and private dinners. 

Exceptional Meals

Chef Barry Dakake is the hero behind some of the best steak you will ever have. He has come up with a fantastic menu for diners to try out different things, and occasionally he will show up at tables to make sure that the diners are having a great time. The personal touch gives diners the confidence to try out new things on the menu, and since it is not possible to do it all at once, they plan a second or third visit to experience more dining options while enjoying soft music in the background.

Some of the top choices to try out from Barry’s include braised beef short ribs, aged and dry ribeye, a 40-ounce tomahawk ribeye, chef Barry’s signature 12-ounce ribcap or the bone-in filet. These are just a few examples of the most popular choices, but there’s a lot more on the menu, including decadent desserts to finish off the dinner. The banana cream pie is a good option and goes for around $16. The meals are reasonably priced for the experience you get in the restaurant. Diners enjoy generous portions, finger-licking meals, excellent customer service, ample space for privacy, and an unbeatable ambiance.

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