Conner Fields got caught up in a horrific crash during the Olympic BMX Semi-Finals event

Las Vegas native Conner Fields had high hopes heading into the 2021 Toyko Olympic BMX event, but those hopes came crashing down on July 30 in the opening lap of the semi-final qualifying race. Fields, who won the Gold medal in the 2016 Olympics, was gunning for the lead in the opening turn of the race when his bike made contact with another driver's tire. This resulted in Fields losing balance and hitting the ground at high speed. He was then run over by another competitor. 

Fields laid motionless after the crash and had a bad skid mark across his lower back. His Olympic attire was torn in several places, showing just how abrupt an impact FIelds experienced. He was later stretchered out and taken to the hospital, where his family and members of the USA cycling team showed up in support.

According to a statement released by, "During the Olympic BMX Racing semifinals, Connor Fields crashed in the first turn. He was transported by backboard out of the venue and transferred to the preferred hospital in Tokyo, St. Luke’s International Hospital... The doctors reported that Fields sustained a brain hemorrhage at the venue. "

The family later reported that Fields was out of the ICU and that the bleeding had stopped. Field's father also told reporters that he was cognitive and knew who everyone was around him. 

We wish Connor Fields a full recovery. 

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