Check out why the Las Vegas Aces might be better positioned for a championship than the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Who wins a championship first? 

When we asked this question a couple of months ago, the answer was the Las Vegas Aces. Now that both the Aces and the Golden Knights have fallen short of a championship, you might be wondering if the Las Vegas Raiders will up from behind enter themselves into the conversation. 

However, between The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New Orleans Saints, and the Chicago Bears, it would be a rather difficult hill to climb for the team. Whether Las Vegas Raiders fans like it or not, that leaves the Golden Knights and the Las Vegas Aces as contenders for the city’s first championship. Now, I still think the Aces have the upper hand here. 

For example, if the Las Vegas Aces were this good as a team without star players like Liz Cambage and Kelsey Plum, how good are they going to be when the two return? 

Think about it! A’Ja Wilson and Angel McCoughtry were averaging over 20 points a game and had some of the best rebounding in the entire league. Sure, their defense isn't always stout, and they are known to blow key leads, but the combination of this team could be enough to finally put them over the hump championship wise.  

As for the Golden Knights, they seem to have a longer road to playoffs. A lot of that has to do with the team still figuring out who will be their main goalie going forward, but they also need to get some other guys around Max Pacieretty to help offensively. If that happens during the offseason, then maybe an argument could be remade. 

The decision will all come down to what both teams do during the postseason and who makes the right move at the right time. Fortunately for the Las Vegas Aces, however, they seem to already have all the pieces in place for another championship run.