Unforgettable FREE show at the Wynn

Lake of Dreams - All New Shows

The Wynn is an opulent hotel and casino that caters to the ultra-luxurious crowd. Fortunately, the Wynn also offers an unforgettable FREE electronic show that is open to all tourists. The all-new Lake of Dreams show is an electronic experience that combines state-of-the-art sound systems with choreographed, colorful puppetry to create a mesmerizing show for people of all ages. The three-acre Lake of Dreams' backdrop is a 90-foot performance waterfall, one million gallons of water, 100s of pine trees, and captivating artistic visuals and animatronics. This spellbinding show is also open to tourists who do not stay at the Wynn.

As soon as you enter the Wynn, you quickly become aware of the hotel's opulence and luxury. The inside is immaculate and stunning. 

The Lake of Dreams show runs every day and starts at 6 pm, running at 30-minute intervals until 11.30 pm. Almost every night, the hotel is packed with tourists wanting to see this spellbinding show, and wait times can be long. 

This free attraction is also designed to attract tourists to dine at one of the hotel's fancy restaurants. However, be forewarned- the restaurants at the Wynn aren't cheap.