Kurt or Kyle: Who Will Go Down as Las Vegas’ Best Driver?

Team Kurt or team Kyle? While Kyle Busch has his older brother beat on many key metrics, the discussion isn’t as one-sided as you think. In fact, Kurt Busch could outshine his brother by doing two things.

Kyle and Kurt Bush have a combined total of three championships, 88 wins, 362 top fives, and 60 poles. It’s a fair assumption that they are at the upper echelon NASCAR. 

Now, this doesn’t mean they are anywhere near the level of Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, or Richard Petty, but they deserve a spot in the sport’s history for what they have accomplished. However, the question still remains- which brother came away with the better Cup Series career?

This is hard to answer, especially with both brothers still in competition, but Kyle Busch seems to pull ahead under the current stat sheet. Not only is that evident by him having two championships to Kurt s one, but also because the younger Busch has reached victory lane more often. 

Then again, it s not like Kurt Busch couldn t come back and win another championship. In fact, if Busch is able to win at Texas Motor Speedway or Martinsville Raceway, he will make the final four for the first time in his career and have a shot at that second title. Keep in mind that Busch hasn t been this close to a title victory in years. 

Still,  Kurt Busch is the kind of driver that only manages to win once or twice a year. Add that to the fact that he is getting up there in age, and you can see why a 20 win deficit means that Kurt has little chance of catching up to Kyle in the win category. He will also have trouble matching his younger brother in final four appearances as well. 

Interestingly enough though, there is currently one thing that Kurt Busch has managed to do that his brother hasn t, and that s scoring a Daytona 500 victory.  Remember, the Daytona 500 is considered NASCAR S version of the Super Bowl. 

In the end, Kyle Busch will probably go down as the better Busch brother due to his two champions, more race wins, and dominance across NASCAR s top 3 series, but Kurt could get back into the conversation. It might just take another championship or a second Daytona 500 victory.

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