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Joshua Tree National Park Is a Short Drive From Las Vegas

Joshua Tree National Park offers a unique outdoor experience

When you think about the outdoors and versatility, Joshua Tree National Park is one of the best locations that meet these criteria. It’s a popular tourist attraction that sees more than 2.5 million visitors each year, with peak visits being between October and May.

This isn’t your everyday park. The landscape is a sight to behold and there are five oases spread within the area to visit. There are thousands of routes for rock climbing, vast acreage for hiking, among other attractions for the more adventurous individuals.

Flora and Fauna

The park hosts various flora and fauna in different regions. The northwest area of the park predominantly hosts Joshua trees. Towards the Eastern side, the vegetation comprises mainly cholla cactus, and other varieties suited for arid areas. There are more shrubs of pinyon pine and California Juniper in the Western region.

Wildlife in the park comprises many bird varieties. Some of these are birds that transit through the park while migrating. A good number nest in the park in different seasons of the year. Common species include Kingbird, Hooded Orioles, owls, Horned lark, and others.

How To get there

The park is about 185 miles away from Las Vegas and offers a unique outdoor experience for anyone who wants a break from city life. One of the best routes to use from Vegas includes going through the Mojave preserve, then along Route 66, pass through Amboy as you head towards the park. There are alternative routes, but it is easy to access the park via twenty-nine palms.

Park’s name was inspired by the Biblical figure

There is word that the park’s name was inspired by the Biblical figure that led the Israelites into the promised land. The trees have widespread angular branches with leaves at the end that appear as someone with their arms spread out(in this case Joshua) as he urged the Israelites to go into the promised land. Hence, the name Joshua trees.

If you visit the park from Las Vegas, the closest stop for tourists is the Oasis Visitor Centre, which is open for the better part of the day and closes at 5 pm. It is also near Twenty-nine Palms, where you can access essential commodities, including gas, accommodation, and food markets. Be sure to carry plenty of water while visiting, as there is limited access to potable water in the area. It gets scorching, and apart from water, it’s advisable to pack accessories and sunscreen to protect you from the heat.

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