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Inside Nevada’s Largest Weed Facility

Flower One is the most prominent cannabis facility in Nevada.

Flower One is a prestigious business led by Salpy Boyajian and Kellen O’Keefe. The facility started small in 2014 when only medical marijuana was legal in the state and has grown over the years to be one of the biggest facilities for weed production.

It’s an expansive business, and they aim to do their best to maintain high quality and efficient production. The production process uses both automated systems and manual labor to develop leading products in the weed market.

The Process

Growing Phase

During the growing phase of these plants, lighting is crucial in the first two weeks, and it should remain consistent to prevent the plants from dying. After this delicate phase, the plants proceed to the next stage in pallets, where the main focus is to water them and supply the required nutrients to facilitate healthy growth. Movement from their initial lighting spot to the pallets is done using a conveyor belt, making things easy.

Veg Stage

After the plants receive sufficient nutrients and moisture, they proceed to the third phase, the veg stage. This phase lasts about four weeks. Unique flood floors in this veg stage ensure sufficient water for the plants. Here the staff observes progress and add tags to the plants until they reach eight inches tall. This is mandatory, and it helps track produce to the final stage.

Post Veg Stage

Next is the post-veg stage; it is now time to flower, and under the right conditions and budding begins. The lighting conditions here vary as there is an alternation between 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness. Apart from controlled lighting, workers manually observe the plants, taking care of them and pruning where necessary for quality control.


The final phase involves drying, where the product stays in darkness for an extended period, hung upside down with controlled temperature and humidity. When dry, workers remove stems and leaves from the plants remaining only with the buds, the final product. It is a delicate process as you do not want to cause any harm while separating the buds from the main plant.

The best yield aimed for the market has to go through evaluation by an external lab to ensure it is safe. The evaluation takes place at Flower One, after which workers pack the buds ready for dispatch. The tags put during cultivation help track all farm produce. The best yield is used to make oils, vapes, and other marijuana goods.

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