Indie Movie Houses Head to Las Vegas

Watch old-school and indie movies in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas movie scene is about to grow a little bigger. 

A whopping THREE independent movie theaters are setting up shop inside the city: the Art Houz, the Beverly Theater, and 35 cinema. 

The Art Houz

Located inside the former Eclipse Cinemas complex, the Art Houz combines mainstream entertainment with niche interests. You’ll find Hollywood blockbusters here as well as locally produced indie fare like Popovich: Road to Hollywood.

The theater is currently operating at reduced capacity, but additional movie showings will be added as demand increases. 

The Beverly Theater

You’ll find the soon-to-be-constructed Beverly Theater at 6th Street and Bonneville Avenue. The building will stretch over 14,306 square feet of space and house a cinema and general performing space. 

Inside the theater, you’ll view indie and international films on a 360 square-foot screen. 

“We re not trying to be a million different things, but what we are trying to do is create a theater that s warm and social and puts an emphasis on a really good kind of cinematic experience, says Kip Kelly, The Beverly s Founding Creative Director. 

 35 Cinema

35 Cinema will focus on revival cinema; old-school movies played on real film projectors capable of running 70 mm film.  The screens will be silver instead of white. 

We are one of only two theaters on the West Coast that are actually running film. Digital has a different look than film. Digital is missing the flicker,  35 Cinema s founder John Lohmann says.

It s a moviegoing experience versus, you know, going to go see a video; that s how I look at it.

The movie list at 35 Cinema will vary.  Classic movies in the summer, a holiday extravaganza during the winter, black movie stars during Black History Month. 

Both the Beverly Theater and 35 Cinema expect to open in 2022. The Art Houz is currently open Thursday through Sunday. 

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