How to Travel From LA to Vegas

Los Angeles, the legendary city and West Coast bastion, is much closer to Vegas than most people realize and travel between both cities is extremely cheap and relatively fast.
How to Travel From LA to Vegas

Las Vegas is separated from Los Angeles by just 270 miles (430 km) and getting from one city to the other is relatively straightforward. So if you ever find yourself in LA itching to head East and enjoy the hedonistic luxuriance of Las Vegas, continue reading to learn how easy it is to travel from the City of Angels to the City of Sin!

What s The Quickest Way To Travel To Vegas From LA?

Flying is, without a doubt, the fastest and most convenient way to travel to Vegas from LA. Not counting the time you ll spend getting through security and sitting on the tarmac, a flight from LA to Vegas takes about 1 hour. This means that you can have breakfast in LA and make it to Vegas in time for lunch.

Driving is significantly slower than flying, with the average trip taking around 4 to 5 hours. However, just because it takes 5 times as long does not mean that driving to Vegas from LA is without its advantages. Taking a road trip from one city to the other allows you far more control over the experience. Depending on what route you take, you ll be able to enjoy a variety of attractions and sight-seeing opportunities such as Calico Ghost Town, Joshua Tree National Park, and the famed Route 66!

How to Travel From LA to Vegas

What s The Cheapest Way To Travel To Vegas From LA?

If you own a car, driving from LA to Vegas can be relatively cheap in terms of gas. For example, a car that gives you around 20 miles per gallon will require approximately 15 gallons of gas to get you from LA to Vegas. Given the current average gas prices in California and Nevada, the trip from LA to Vegas could cost you around $50 worth of gas. However, if you re making a 5-hour trek, you should probably budget some money for food.

On the other hand, flying from LA to Las Vegas is surprisingly cheap. Most people don t realize that you can actually fly out of LAX and land at McCarran International Airport for around $20 if you go at the right time. That means that a round-trip flight can actually be cheaper than driving!

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