Throw a secret hotel party with confidence

Even with restrictions, you can host a private party without getting caught. This is how to go about it:

Send Invites in Advance.

Ensure you send out invites for the party in good time and request your guests to RSVP in advance. It helps with planning as you know how many guests to expect for the party.

Get a Room in the Smoking Zone

There are specific rooms in a hotel where smoking is allowed. Consult and make sure that you book one of these so that your guests can have a good time. Balconies are good spots to smoke from, and you can select a smoking room with a balcony for a more incredible experience.

Use the Pickup Option for Food Delivery

If you want food at your party, make sure that you select the pickup option to avoid raising an eyebrow when the delivery comes. If you do not specify this, the delivery person may go to the hotel lobby with all the food, which may arouse suspicion from hotel staff. When you pick up the food yourself, it is unlikely that anyone will pay attention to your package.

Go For Adjoining Rooms

Some parties host many people, and you may need more than one room to accommodate all the guests comfortably. Adjoining rooms create more space, yet all the guests will be at one party. If you have a large group and finances are not a problem, you can book several rooms around the main room where the party will be held. This way, there is space for everyone, and you won't disturb other hotel guests as all the nearby rooms will have individuals at the party. Such arrangements work best on topmost floors. If possible, choose the ones at the end of the corridor away from all other people. You can also soundproof the room to minimize the noise.

Eliminate All Valuables Prior

Look out for any valuables and delicate items in a room before the party starts and remove them. You don't want accidents and paying for damages once the party is over. You can use the cabinets in the room or sink drawers to keep valuables away and return them once the party is over.

Clean Up After

Ensure you do basic cleaning after the party to avoid getting in trouble with the hotel staff. The hotel will also charge you extra for any extreme cleaning after your stay, so it's best to do the bare minimum and leave the rest for the staff to finish up.



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