How to Get Married in Las Vegas

A summary of how to get married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas hosts many weddings every year. There are about 150 weddings each day in the city! The process is quick and easy if you’re interested. . Here is a summary of how to go about it:


The main qualification is that you should be of legal age, 18 years. You can get married in this city even if you are not a resident.

Apply for license

Couples intending to get married should apply for a marriage license in Clark County. If you prefer to plan ahead, you can register in advance up to two months before the set wedding date. However, you can visit the licensing bureau offices in Clark County any time convenient for you and fill out the paperwork. It costs $77 for licensing, payable via debit or credit card. The offices remain open between 8 am and 12 am, and they also work on holidays. The flexibility caters to busy people, tourists on the move, and anyone else with an unpredictable schedule. After application, you must avail yourself in person to pick up the license when it is ready.

Get Married
Once you have a marriage license, nothing stops you from marrying the love of your life. You have a year from when you receive the license to get married. Within this duration, you can choose to get married in a resort or one of the chapels. Remember to carry and present your marriage license and identification cards, a mandatory requirement before officiating the marriage. You should also have a third party to witness the marriage even if you do not conduct a big ceremony. Most chapels will provide a witness if you don’t have one, so you need not worry about this. Once you have everything you need, you can now get married.

Get a Marriage Certificate
Once married you need a  marriage certificate. The ceremony’s officiant needs to file for this within ten days. The certification costs only $15. The marriage certificate is important for many official reasons, such as filing taxes. If you are from another country, you also need an apostille and a marriage certificate to register your marriage in another country.

Enjoy Your Union

With a certified marriage certificate, consider yourself officially married, and you can make merry and live happily ever after. There are many activities to enjoy in Las Vegas with your spouse, especially for tourists who get married while on vacation, as they can easily honeymoon within Vegas and have a great time.

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