Gold Spike is the ultimate destination in Downtown Vegas for a night out. Round up your friends to enjoy drinks, live music, plus indoor and outdoor fun.

Gold Spike is known as “The Downtown Adult Playground.” The 20,000 square foot building used to be a hotel and casino back in Vegas’ heyday. Now, it has transformed into an indoor-outdoor hub for nightlife. It’s a great place to party with friends and meet new people. 

Gold Spike is divided into the “Living Room,” “Backyard,” and “Playground.” 

Inside is the Living Room. Here you’ll be greeted by a live DJ who gets the party going on the dance floor. The main bar is also inside along with several pool tables and seating. 

Head outside to the Backyard and Playground. This is where you’ll find tons of oversized games. Play Giant Beer Pong made out of trash cans, Octopong, Cornhole, Twister, Ping Pong, plus life-sized Chess and Jenga!

Take a break from the fun and games to grab a drink from the outdoor Recess Bar. Drink and chill in the backyard while listening to live musicians; local bands play on the weekends.

Also, where else in town can you roller skate while you party? The answer is nowhere but Gold Spike! Roller skating, better known as “Down & Derby,” happens on the first Thursday night of every month. Skates are available to rent. 

Head down to Gold Spike for your next night out to experience the best house party vibes.

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