Huge portions on the Vegas Strip

One of the things about Las Vegas is that there is plenty of food, but it can be costly. For those who are hungry and want huge portions at a good price, the place to go is Hash House a Go Go at the Linq. This casual Western-style restaurant makes eating a lot of fun. The ingredients are fresh and the menus are very creative. The oversized portion and unique presentation have led to a special name for the food- Twisted Farm food.

Hash House is always busy. Service can be a bit slow at peak times but it's worth it. I recommend sharing a dish if there's only two of you. This is the place you come to when you're starving. It doesn't matter what you order, the portions are huge.

The best time to come to Hash House is early in the morning, the perfect time for its famed breakfast scrambles, sage waffles, flapjacks, and signature hashes. 

Breakfast will set you back at least $20. It is a pricey place but worth it if you're a big eater!