Visit the deli for some of the best sandwiches in Las Vegas

There are a few delis in Las Vegas which are not only affordable but offer excellent sandwiches- and one of them is Greenberg's Deli on the Strip.

Here you can order colossal pastrami or corned beef sandwiches for less than $12. If you love pastrami or turkey, then Greenberg's deli is the place to visit. The next best sandwich is the New York Sky-high, which is a few dollars more expensive. But it's so big that two people can eat and remain satiated for most of the day.

Other sandwiches include the classic turkey club, Sam and Emma's sandwich, and Vinnie's deluxe sandwich.

Greenberg's deli is located inside the New York-New York hotel and resembles a typical New York deli. Besides sandwiches, you can get soups, salads and fresh meat cuts. The reviews of Greenberg's Deli are nearly all positive. The owners are friendly, the staff is helpful, and the service is excellent. For under $15, you can have a great meal that will keep you full for the rest of the day.

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