The Strip is hot, sticky, and crowded. Bring water!

Las Vegas pro tip: Stock your hotel room with bottled water!

At this time of the year, the one beverage that is essential in Las Vegas is water. Sure, you can get bottled water from restaurants and hotels, but be prepared to pay anywhere from $4-$7 a bottle. You'll only encounter a few water fountains on the Las Vegas Strip, and they may not work. If you're not careful, you can easily spend $20 or more on bottled water for one person. 

To avoid this, go to the grocery store or a pharmacy on the strip and buy a carton of bottled water, which will only cost a few dollars. At the same time, buy a collapsible water container for a dollar. Before you leave your hotel, fill your water container.

If you play at the casino and order drinks, you can order a free bottle of water- but be nice and tip the server. 

Finally, the heat in Vegas can be killing- so bring along an appropriate hat, clothes, and sunscreen. All these items cost 2-3x more on the strip

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