Koolsville Tattoo Shop is famous for its $10 tattoo deals.

Koolsville Tattoo, also known as Sacred Heart Tattoo, is best known for giving $10 tattoos. These are totally legit and done by professional tattoo artists. They also work on more complex pieces and offer piercings. 

The cheapest tattoos are simple pre-made designs done in black ink and start at just $10. Customers can choose from flash sheet designs like a heart, lightning bolt, crescent moon, mountains, an alien; the list goes on and on with tons of options for every personality! They also make flash sheets for holidays and occasions like Friday the 13th.

You don’t need an appointment; in fact, they encourage walk-ins. This makes for the perfect spontaneous souvenir! 


If you want a larger, more intricate piece, you can make appointments

Koolsville also does ear and body piercings for cheap, while still maintaining safe and clean methods. 

They have four locations in town:

Look for bright pink buildings!

All shops have the same hours:

  • Monday - Thursday, 11 am to 11 pm
  • Friday - Saturday, 11 am to 12 am 
  • Sunday, 1 to 8 pm


Make sure to check out their Instagram to stay up to date on all of their promotions and deals. These include $20 name tattoos, $10 belly button piercings, and more. Also, over the summer, the Sacred Heart location started offering free cover-ups of unwanted hate and gang symbols. 

Check out Koolsville for the cheapest tattoos by professionals in Las Vegas. 



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