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Cheap Eats Las Vegas: Fukuburger

Delicious & affordable

There are a ton of places in Vegas where you can grab a fantastic, cheap dinner. One gem of a place is Fukuburger. It is not only affordable but makes outstanding burgers with a Japanese twist. 

Fuku burger started as a truck stop, but it quickly became popular and grew an enormous following. Now there are a few places in Vegas where you can taste Fuku burgers.

You have to drive a few miles away from the Strip, but the drive is worth it. You can dine in or grab it to go. Ordering takeout is probably easier right now. The place is always crowded, and the lines are long.

While the restaurant serves several types of burgers, it’s known for its delicious Fuku burger.  It comes with the usual tomato, lettuce, and American cheese, but they add Fuku sauce to give it extra flavor. Other flavor dishes include crispy onions and the jazz fries-but always ask for the Fuku sauce, and you will be in heaven. 

Prices are very reasonable. Most burgers cost less than $10, and portions are enormous. 

Fukuburger has two stores in Chinatown and the other on Buffalo Drive. 

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