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NSFW: From ‘Sex Tips’ to ‘Naked Boys Singing!’ – Youthful Singer Louis D’Aprile Grows Before Our Eyes

Sin City’s only totally-nude musical revue also features stars from American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

“Time is the fire in which we burn.” – Delmore Schwartz

For those of us who’ve been around a while, the passage of time transforms from a casual stroll into a sprint. Yet it’s always a delight to witness entertainers grow, expand, and broaden their horizons. Such is the case with Louis D’Aprile, a singer and comic actor who’s best known to Vegas audiences through his work in “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” and “Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man”.

Handsome, funny, energetic, well-built, and possessing an angelic singing voice, D’Aprile was destined to be in the cast of “Naked Boys Singing“. If you’re unfamiliar with this saucy adults-only production, here’s a Cliff Notes version of its history:

Created in 1998 by Robert Schrock and a team of 12 writers, Naked Boys Singing! premiered in Los Angeles and went on to play in theatres across the country and all around the world. The musical was initially marketed to gay men, but its fan base grew to a wide and diverse audience. It opened in New York City in 2000, where it continues its record-breaking off-Broadway run. The New York Daily News calls Naked Boys Singing! a hit with gays, straights, and everyone in-between . The film adaptation of Naked Boys Singing! was released in 2007. The Vegas production is presented by Tom D’Angora and Nick Padgett. It’s directed by Tom and Michael D’Angora.


The Vegas production of “Naked Boys Singing!” debuts September 15th at the Jewel Box Theater. The venue is part of the Erotic Heritage Museum, which is also home to “Puppetry of the Penis” (is there a theme here?). Slated to run for eleven weeks, “Naked Boys Singing – Las Vegas” was originally to feature troubled pop star Aaron Carter, who was forced out of the production due to his usual backstage drama. The cast will now consist of American Idol alumnus David Hernandez, film actor Chris Salvatore, America’s Got Talent finalist Marcus Terell, Matthew Ludwinski, and Louis D’Aprile. Dance Captain Jaden Lux will double as an understudy.

Louis couldn’t be more excited to be taking on such a daring production. In fact, he set his sights on being in the show many years ago:

“I always wanted to be a part of this show one day. When I was fresh out of college it was the FIRST audition I submitted for. At that time I was super young and very twink-like . In fact, here is the headshot I used (see above). They probably thought I was underage. I ve never been a shy person and I am no stranger to taking off my clothes. Even when I was a kid I would strip all my clothes off and dance to the ending of the Full Monty . Ain t no shame in my game!”

Louis D’Aprile floats to the top.

Despite his awe-shucks good looks, Louis has successfully segued from family-friendly fare into two consecutive sexually-oriented productions. I asked if this was a deliberate career path:

“It is absolutely by chance. I have this theory: when one door closes, another one opens. And with all of these shows, the one thing that has stayed consistent is that they all are comedy-based. A little improv here and there, but all comedy. I would have to say that comedy is my strong suit. Even when growing up, I never saw myself as a comedic actor…it all just fell right into place.”

For some people, the idea of getting in front of a crowd can be absolutely terrifying. Imagine the prospect of singing, dancing, and telling jokes on a stage while fully nude. How does one prepare for that?

“First and foremost, I had to learn to love my body in its current form. Sometimes that can be a challenge as we all are our own worst critics. Then I focused on small changes in appearance. As of today, I am exactly right where I d like to be, physique-wise. I train very hard to have the physique I have. During covid, I fell in love with hot yoga classes at 103 Hot Pilates and Yoga. I was there so often that I decided to make it into a part-time career.

I spend my personal time rehearsing in my birthday suit. I was raised to never be ashamed of myself in any form. The second that light hits, all my inhibitions disappear and I give 110 percent, nude and all. Hoping I don t poke an eye out, haha!”

Aaron Carter was forced to resign from NAKED BOYS SINGING

An eleventh-hour cast shake-up caused the production’s debut to be delayed by a week. Asked how Aaron Carter’s departure affected his preparation, D’Aprile had this to say:

“Losing Aaron was definitely a surprise, but everything happens for a reason! I am absolutely thrilled to be working with the new cast! They are all very VERY talented and I am honored to be a part of such an incredible and good-looking production. A show is like a team, and I feel like we all have each other in every way, shape, and form. I can not wait to embark on this journey with them.”

With fellow instructors at 103 Hot Yoga

Cast member David Hernandez was an American Idol front-runner until his past as a stripper was revealed. It proved a bias against entertainers who dabble in adult material and makes one wonder whether a role in “Naked Boys Singing!” might affect Louis’ opportunities for future roles.

“I believe nudity is a free form of art that can be expressed however you would like it to. People today have a tendency of being overly sensitive. When you ve seen one, you ve pretty much seen them all, so I don t see what the big deal is. It could be a problem if I was working for the Disney Channel, but I believe that ship has sailed. Previous cast members have launched very successful careers, so I am very excited to see where this new journey takes me.”

Artists thrive on challenges, and D’Aprile’s new role would definitely qualify as daring. And although he’s admitted to being quite comfortable in his meticulously maintained skin, would he be up for his parents attending a performance of “Naked Boys Singing!”?

“My family is very happy I am embarking on this journey. At first, I wasn t sure how they would handle it, but they were super supportive and excited. I ve always been encouraged to follow and pursue my career, no matter what path it takes me. My family will be attending, on the condition that they close their eyes when I m on stage. AND that they don t sit too close! “

“Naked Boys Singing!” will perform Wednesdays at 9 pm, Thursdays through Sundays at 10 pm, at The Jewel Box Theatre, 3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive (inside The Erotic Heritage Museum). Ticket prices start at $74.99 with a limited number of premium VIP tickets available. Visit for tickets and more information. The show runs from September 15th through November 28th.

Editor’s Note – Louis D’Aprile’s partner (and fellow entertainer) Lee Richard Lucka asked if, on behalf of Louis’s upcoming September 3rd birthday, I could include a personal message. After the difficult year and a half that all Vegas performers endured, I was happy to agree:

You always surprise me with your talent. You re so funny and can sing so well. I m incredibly proud of this next chapter, Louis. What a great birthday present. I can not wait until opening night to be cheering you on. I love you. Now let s see that sexy body and amazing voice to knock everyone s socks off!

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