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Floyd Money Mayweather vs Logan Paul Will Happen in 2021

Floyd Money Mayweather is set to take on Logan Paul in 2021, and the odds are heavily in the former boxing champions favor.

Want proof that people will bet on anything?

Floyd Money Mayweather is set to take on Logan Paul in an exhibition match, and the odds have already opened in the former boxing champion’s favor. In fact, Mayweather is currently listed at 6000 to defeat Logan Paul, who stands at a piddly +1750. As if that isn t enough, there are three exciting prop bets at play during this match as well.

That s right! Gamblers can wager on who will bleed first, if Logan Paul will be knocked down during the match and whether the match ends up going the full distance. As for who will bleed first, Paul is listed favorably with  450 odds while Mayweather sits at +275. Then there s if Paul will get knocked during the fight, which he is favored at  250 to do so.

Finally, there s whether this goes the distance or not, and is one of the most absurd questions of the entire fight. Do you see a Youtuber that has had two boxing matches in his whole career will stand a chance against a man that is 50-0? In all honesty, chasing clout is one thing, but trying to kill yourself in the process is ridiculous.

You won t be surprised to know that the odds are set at 250 for the fight not to go the distance, which will be disappointing for advertisers hoping to cash in on the attention. Then again,  maybe Paul can try to play a conservative strategy and go a few rounds with the most dominant man in boxing.

This has to be one of the craziest things people have bet on and proves people will gamble on anything. In all honesty, there is no reason that Mayweather vs. Paul should be taking place in the first place, and taking odds on it seems to be borderline crazy. Why even bet on what we all know is a guaranteed result?

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