Explore the Railroads in Boulder City

Rail Explorers in Boulder City allows you to ride the railroad tracks, but not just on a train

Start your railway adventure by checking in at Rail Explorers Las Vegas next to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City and getting ready to pedal! To explore Boulder City s railroad tracks, you ll sit on a cart that is powered by your pedaling. You can ride in pairs or as groups of four. Pairs cost $85, and groups of four cost $150. If you re a local, show your ID for a 10% discount. 

You ll ride four miles downhill to Railroad Pass. On the way, you ll have a wide-open view of the surrounding desert. You ll then have a 30-minute break before riding back to the starting point on a historic train! They recommend that you bring your own water and snacks.

Take this ride during the day or at sunset. If you opt to ride later in the day, you can use the firepits at the rest area to make s mores! Whichever time of day you decide to visit, the experience will take about an hour and a half. 

Check here to book your ride and see available tour times!

If you haven t explored Boulder City before, it s worth checking out while you re in the area. It s a small town with some unique local shops and restaurants. It also serves as the gateway to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. 

Head to Boulder City and ride the rails this Spring! 

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