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Everything You Need To Know About Shango Las Vegas

You’re in Las Vegas, you want to get high. We understand. Here’s what you need to know about Shango, the stoner’s paradise east of The Strip

Standing in front of Shango Las Vegas flagship location, you can t tell what you re looking at. 

The building resembles a warehouse. A squat brown warehouse plunked down in the middle of the Las Vegas Boulder Strip, a long stretch of road stuffed with locals casinos. You d need the nose of a bloodhound to detect that Shango s a massive cannabis operation, a grow room and dispensary rolled into one. 

If you ve never been to a dispensary, Shango will blow you away by its sheer size. All of this space devoted to cannabis? Incredible. I m still getting used to it. 

Now, let s breakdown The Location:

(4380 Boulder Hwy)

The dispensary is located on the Boulder Strip. It s nowhere near The Strip we all know and love, but the area may be worth checking out anyway. The Boulder Highway casinos are MUCH cheaper than their flashy counterparts. 

How about the Parking?  Don t worry- it s ample. There are plenty of spaces in the main parking lot as well as in the overflow/employee lot.

Before you make it inside, you ll need to get past security. This means an ID check and a quick bag scan. If you have a bulky backpack or a suitcase, you might be asked to leave it up front.

Keep your ID in your hand because you ll need to hand it over again when you reach the receptionist. Shango s lobby is oddly sparse. The room gets its personality from a few fake plants pushed into the corners and a large, roped-off motorcycle. Even if it was legal to smoke here, you still wouldn t want to.

Don t give up on Shango yet. You re about to see where this dispensary really shines– The Inventory.

Fueled by its own in-house grow rooms, Shango s inventory is legendary. Half of the dispensaries in town carry Shango-branded strains. Favorite strains include:

  • A-Dub 25% THC
  • Sangiovese 29% THC
  • Apple Rock Candy 31% THC

Shango also makes its own in-house edibles.

You re probably wondering about The Prices. Well, they re reasonable. A top-shelf Shango ounce costs $379 before tax. However, there are daily and weekly deals you can take advantage of.

Here are the daily deals:

  • Monday: $30 Shango 1/8s
  • Tuesday: $60 for 4 half-gram Shango extracts
  • Wednesday: $75 for 3 Shango vape pens
  • Thursday: Buy one get one for $0.20 Shango edibles
  • Friday: $220 Shango ounces
  • Saturday: $220 Shango ounces
  • Sunday: $60 for 10 Shango prerolls

You have a few ways to buy from Shango. You can show up at the store, go inside, and wait in line.

You can also order pickup and have your weed delivered to your car when you show up.

If these options don t appeal to you, order delivery. This only works if you re a local or have friends in town, however. Las Vegas dispensaries can only deliver to residential addresses. Your hotel room doesn t count.

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