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Everything You Need to Know About Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet Reopens

The Bacchanal Buffet is officially back at the Caesars Palace, and food enthusiasts can now enjoy the largest Vegas buffet in style. For anyone passionate about food and who would like to try out different delicacies, going to this massive buffet is equivalent to a child walking into a candy store. The setting covers 25,000 square feet providing ample space that sits 600 diners at a go.

It was a big blow when the buffet ceased operations last year in March due to the pandemic. However, Bacchanal is back, bigger and better, having undergone massive renovations estimated at 2.4 million dollars.

There are nine kitchens in total to explore. All of them are open, and guests can interact and see some of the steps that go into creating the meals in the buffet. Diners can witness real-time plating of some of the meals, which is enjoyable and adds to the experience of eating from the Bacchanal buffet.

Expect new items on the menu as the restaurant is set to gradually roll out about a hundred new dishes in the year. A good example is the introduction of Korean delicacies next to the Chinese menu already in existence. Other options available in this section include Filipino and Vietnamese cuisines. You can also find some Laotian dishes and an upgraded sushi section to cater to all your food cravings. Before the closure, what was predominantly Italian has now expanded to more Mediterranean dishes.

Vegan and vegetarian diners need not worry about food choices as there are great dishes for them to try out, including gluten-free alternatives. All dishes have a marking above to make it easy to identify these foods. An even better way to do it is to scan a QR code that will help narrow down exactly each preferred item at the buffet. Don’t let the small dishes in the display fool you; if you like to heap your plate as is characteristic in buffet settings, do it!

For meat lovers, the Argentinian grill is the best place to focus on. There is a rotation of smoked meats, barbecues, and more to try. Seafood is available whether you prefer salmon, crab, shrimp, octopus, and more prepared in different ways.

It’s not a complete experience without dessert, and there is a great variety for this. Try out the salted caramel cupcakes or gelato (or both), as these are some of the top picks that many guests enjoy.

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