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ENCORE! Athlete and Fitness Star ‘Simonster’ Returns to the Las Vegas Stage

Stunning acrobat and internet sensation resumes dancing career with “Aussie Heat” at Mosaic Theater

Some men and women are born to be on the stage. It’s not just in their blood but built into their very DNA. Simon Ata, aka “Simonster“, is one such person. This extremely athletic, handsome, and intelligent gentleman knew at an early age that he wanted to take his body to the peak of physical perfection, training it in such a way to make any movement possible…even defying the laws of gravity. Not only did he reach that goal, but far surpassed it, turning physical strength into a one-man industry, Now after cornering the market on bodyweight training, Simon Ata is returning to Las Vegas as a featured performer in the Aussie Heat dance revue.

Simon Ata hails from Australia. The city of Melbourne in Victoria is home base for Simonster Strength, which became an internet sensation during the worldwide pandemic shutdown. Videos, commercials, and advertisements for the program were seemingly everywhere. Simon’s techniques, which use your body weight for resistance, were particularly well-suited for those unable to go to a gym. And they’re effective for every level of fitness, especially beginners.


Simonster is unquestionably qualified to offer his knowledge and advice. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy, along with various personal training certifications. Understanding the body from an academic standpoint allowed him to excel in other skillsets like martial arts, break dancing, and circus acrobatics. Combine those talents into one uniquely attractive package, and it was only a matter of time before the worldwide traveler would bring his high-flying talents to the Sin City stage.

Simonster takes to the air

Aussie Heat started small, opening in 2016 at a now-defunct showroom inside The D Hotel Casino. It quickly moved to Planet Hollywood’s V Theater, growing in size and popularity. Ata was there for most of the run, gathering a loyal fanbase that returned time after time to witness his amazing physical feats….and stunning physique.

When the show relocated to Mosaic Theater in early 2019, Ata had already decided to conquer the world. He traveled to China, Bali, Guadalajara, and throughout Europe, taking advantage of world-famous landmarks to strike one athletic pose after another. In the meantime, he also launched Simonster Strength, which brought his user-friendly training programs to every corner of the planet.


Fast forward to late fall 2021, and Aussie Heat is playing to packed houses once again. So what do you do after you’ve conquered the world? For Simon Ata, it’s a return to the stage that started it all, albeit in a new venue. He’ll be returning to Aussie Heat beginning this weekend. Mosaic on the Strip hosts Aussie Heat every Thursday through Saturday at 10 pm. Tickets start at $54.99 (plus taxes/fees), but TicketKite is currently running a $40 special. Click HERE to take advantage of the offer.

MOSAIC ON THE STRIP is located at 3765 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite G, directly across from Park MGM Hotel Casino.

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